Aboriginal Peoples and Military Participation

The CF prides itself on being a national institution that reflects and promotes the values of a diverse country.  This includes Canada’s Aboriginal peoples, who have a proud history and tradition of military service extending from the colonial period, through the world wars, to contemporary operations.  These historical and contemporary relationships are seldom explored beyond the narrow confines of our own national experience. Yet there have been, and continue to be, parallels in other indigenous populations with a track record of military service.  The chapters in this pioneering volume contribute to cross-cultural awareness by offering a critical, comparative approach to understanding Aboriginal peoples’ military service in Canada and around the world. — Adapted from the Foreword by Lieutenant-General Andrew B. Leslie.

P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Craig Mantle and Scott Sheffield (eds). Aboriginal Peoples and Military Participation: Canadian and International Perspectives (Canadian Defence Academy Press, 2007).


Foreword, LGen Andrew Leslie

Preface, Col Bernd Horn

Introduction, P.W. Lackenbauer, Craig Mantle, and R. Scott Sheffield

Part I: Canadian Perspectives

Chapter 1:        Aboriginal Identity, Leadership and Values in the Profession of Arms, Jaime Mishibinijima 

Chapter 2:       “I’m on Home Ground Now. I’m Safe”: Saskatchewan Aboriginal Veterans in the Immediate Postwar Years, 1945–1946, Robert Alexander Innes

Chapter 3:        Aboriginal Veterans and Veteran’s Charter: Comparing the Post-1945 Experience and Access to Benefits of Métis and First Nations Veterans, Scott Sheffield

Chapter 4:        Teaching Canada’s Indigenous Sovereignty Soldiers … and Vice Versa: ‘Lessons Learned’ from Ranger Instructors, Whitney Lackenbauer

Part II: International Perspectives

Chapter 5:        Strong Hearts: Native Service in the U.S. Armed Forces, Tom Holm

Chapter 6:        Black Hawk, John Scott Cowan

Chapter 7:        North American Indian Code Talkers as an Example of Differentiated Military Service, William C. Meadows

Chapter 8:        Queensland’s Aborigines in the First Australian Imperial Force, Rod Pratt

Chapter 9:        An Exercise in Maori Autonomy: The Rise and Demise of the Maori War Effort Organization, Claudia Orange

Chapter 10:      The Gurkhas in the British Army: An Organizational Cultural Sketch, Charles Kirke