Newspaper and Magazine Commentaries


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May – “Canada and the Circumpolar Arctic,” France Forum

March 17 – “Russia’s Arctic Militarization: A Reality Check,” News Deeply/Arctic Deeply (With Adam Lajeunesse)


October – “Family Business: How one Kugluktuk clan has been keeping watch over the Arctic for more than 65 years.” Inuktitut Magazine.

September – “Canada & Russia: Toward an Arctic Agenda,” Global Brief (Summer/Fall 2016): 21-25.

19 April – “Canadian Arctic Security: Russia’s Not Coming,” OpenCanada/Arctic Deeply. (With Adam Lajeunesse.)

23 March – “Arctic Sovereignty and Security: Updating our Ideas,” OpenCanada/Arctic Deeply. (With Wilfrid Greaves.)


2 December – “COP21: Why are we leaving the Arctic out in the cold?,” Nunatsiaq News (With Tahnee Prior.)

5 January – “More ships in the Northwest Passage will boost our Arctic claim,” Globe and Mail (With Adam Lajeunesse.)


20 August – “Harper’s Arctic evolution; By shifting focus from sovereignty to responsible development, the Prime Minister could cement a legacy,” Globe and Mail.

15 May – “Arctic Council Warms Towards Asia,” OpenCanada. (With James Manicom.)

7 May – “The world wants an Arctic in,” National Post.


September/October – “The Canadian Rangers: Supporting Canadian Sovereignty, Security, and Stewardship since 1947,” Above and Beyond: Canada’s Arctic Journal: 31-36. [In-flight magazine for First Air.]

30 March – “Security and the Arctic Council.” The Dispatch: Quarterly Review of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute.

17 February – “Push to reform Arctic Council raises as many questions as it solves,” iPolitics.

16 January – “Finding a seat at the top of the globe,” Globe and Mail.


30 March – “Arctic Security, Public Opinion, and the Canadian Agenda.” The Dispatch.


18 August – “High Arctic Theatre for All Audiences,” Globe and Mail.

30 June – “Our Living Homeland,” The Circle [World Wildlife Foundation] no.2 (2010) (With Bridget Larocque.)

30 March – “The Canadian Rangers: More than a Rifle and a Sweatshirt.” The Dispatch.

23 March – “An Arctic Clash is unlikely,” The Record [Waterloo Region].


18 August – “A Canadian motto embracing the North?,” Nunatsiaq News.

29 July – “New northern strategy trades sabre-rattling for partnership,” Toronto Star


30 September – “An Integrated Approach to Canada’s Arctic?,” Behind the Headlines (Canadian International Council) 65/4

7 August – Letter to the editor, “Striking an Arctic Balance,” Globe and Mail.  Response to “Alarmism and Reactiveness Work,” the lead editorial of 4 August which directly challenged my CIC directional paper.

21 July – Op Ed, “The promise of the North: Canada can no longer squander opportunities to develop the Arctic,” The Record [Kitchener-Waterloo], 21 July 2008.

3 June – Op Ed, “Realizing our Arctic sovereignty,” National Post, 3 June 2008. With K.S. Coates, W.R. Morrison, and G. Poelzer.

Profiles of Lackenbauer and his Work


13 August – “Lackenbauer relishes chance to teach students on ice,” Woodstock Sentinel-Review.

24 June – “New Book Details History of Canadian Rangers,” Postmedia Breaking News.


20 August – Nicole Garbutt, “Documentary explores Northern sovereignty,” Nunavut News/North.


October – “Defence and Security of Canada’s North,” The Sentinel [Joint Task Force North.]

14 July – “Cold Comfort in Arctic Sovereignty,” Ottawa Life.


5 March –Kassina Ryder, “A lesson in live history: Elders and youth discuss a changing generation,” Nunavut News/North.

 29 April – “UW Prof in Arctic,” The Record [Waterloo Region]. [Video by Bob Weber, Canadian Press.]


8 December – “Canada and the Changing Circumpolar World,” podcast for the education program of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Globe and Mail. Each university selected one scholar to represent it.

3 October – “Canada needs a confident and constructive Arctic strategy,” Waterloo Region Record.

7 September – Kassina Ryder, “The DEW line generation: Elders consulted for historical research in 1950s settlements,” Nunavut News/North.

26 July – “Defence, Diplomacy and Development Essential to Canadian Gov’t Arctic Strategy,” NoticiasFinancieras.

4 May – “UW profs share in national book prize,” Waterloo Region Record.

1 May – “Arctic book awarded Donner Prize,” Ottawa Citizen.

1 May – “Quartet of co-authors share Donner Prize,” Globe and Mail.

1 May – “Arctic turmoil,” National Post.

30 April – “Book on endangered Arctic region nabs $35,000 Donner Prize,” Canadian Press.

16 February – “Historian visits students in Cam Bay,” Nunavut News/North.

Newspaper articles in which Lackenbauer is quoted (partial list to 2013)


7 September – Sean Davidson, “Canadian Rangers: the thin red line patrolling our harshest terrain,” CBC News.

26 August – Chris Plecash, “Harper’s eighth Arctic tour ‘more nuanced, practical, realistic’ than previous years’ strong militaristic tone,” Hill Times

20 August – Lynn Desjardins, “Mixed reviews of leader’s Arctic tour,” Radio Canada International.

8 June – Tyler Dawson, “Canada suspends military operations; Hans Island source of dispute with Denmark,” Montreal Gazette

3 June – “India eyes icebreaker to use in Arctic,” Nunatsiaq News

9 May – “Drones over the Arctic,” National Post

29 April – Jane George, “Arctic Council: EU out but China likely in, academics say,” Nunatsiaq News

January – Tim Lougheed, “Inuksuit of the Sky: Bringing Inuit Closer,” Above & Beyond: Canada’s Arctic Journal (31-35)


21 December – “Canada focuses on development at Arctic Council ; experts fear wrong approach,” Canadian Press.

3 December – Bob Weber, “Canada criticized for focus on development at Arctic Council,” Maclean’s.

October/November – Margo Pfeiff, “Fixing the mess,” Up Here.

17 October – Dan Davidson, “Rangers Celebrate 65 Years with a River Trip,” Klondike Sun.

11 April – Adrian Humphreys, “New proposal would see Hans Island split evenly between Canada and Denmark,” National Post.

28 February – “Welcome to the Hans Island Border,” Up Here.

20 February – “Rangers up their game in Canadian North; Ottawa invests in Arctic’s eyes and ears,” Calgary Herald.

18 February – “Northern rangers stand guard as Canada’s Arctic heats up,” Postmedia News.

16 January – “Canada urged to prepare now to lead Arctic Council; Chairmanship gives nation a chance to hit the ground running on issues ranging from…,” Globe and Mail.


4 December – “Matt Gurney: After eight years, Canada and Denmark are ready to talk peace,” National Post.

29 September – “The Northwest Passage in Competition? No Such Thing,” Nunatsiaq News.

21 August – “Operation Silent Snowmobile: Canadian Forces plan new vehicle for covert Arctic ops,” Canadian Press.

29 May – “Environmental and funding concerns delay promised Arctic naval facility,” Winnipeg Free Press.

30 March – “Military to test new Arctic search-and-rescue to respond to crashes, spills,” Globe and Mail.


10 November – “WWII scalping claim dismissed as ‘racist’,” Toronto Star.

8 November – “Native vets, historians outraged by book’s claim of Second World War scalping,” Canadian Press.

27 August – Stephanie Levitz, “Nation-building, not politics, behind Arctic tour: PM,” Canadian Press.

27 August – Bruce Campion-Smith, “Arctic trip ‘nation building,’ not politics, Harper says,” Toronto Star.

9 June – “Strahl meets Russian Arctic flag-dropper, says bear coming out of its cave,” Canadian Press.

5 June – “Squandered opportunities; Canada’s northern sovereignty was first claimed by Joseph-Elzear Bernier on July 1, 1909. Now, more than a century…,” Vancouver Sun.

22 May – Ed Struzik, “Missed opportunities means Canada must fight for Arctic sovereignty,” Edmonton Journal.

28 April – “Blue-light special on tuques? Arctic soldiers buy off-the-rack to keep warm,”  Canadian Press.

28 April – Chris Windeyer, “Military waves flag in Arctic; Defence minister applauds success of ambitious sovereignty operation” Edmonton Journal.

27 April – Chris Windeyer, “Forces wrap up on most northerly island in Nunavut,” Nunatsiaq News.

27 April – Bob Weber, “New dog on the ice block part of move toward Arctic military co-operation,” Canadian Press.

14 April – Carl Meyer, “Presence, social conditions key to security,” Embassy.

31 March – “Clinton’s cool rebuke of Arctic meeting welcomed in Canada’s North,” Canadian Press.

29 March – Randy Boswell, “Arctic coastal states meet as EU, Inuit left on sidelines,” Nunatsiaq News.

28 March – Randy Boswell, “Arctic summit highlights tensions, competing interests,” National Post


19 September – “What They’re Reading,” Waterloo Region Record.

27 August – Colin Alexander, “Harper’s Northern Strategy fails northern people,” Nunatsiaq News.

24 August – “Real Canada has bypassed the Inuit,” Edmonton Journal.

17 August – “Tensions in Arctic partly politics: experts,” Regina Leader Post.

16 August – Randy Boswell, “Canada’s ‘good cop, bad cop’ strategy at play in the Arctic; Ottawa Vs. Moscow; Flag-waving trek begins today to northern frontier,” National Post.

1 August – Oliver Moore, “Rhetoric heats up as Russia plans to drop paratroopers on North Pole,” Globe and Mail.

31 July – “Conservatives rebuff push to resurrect Arctic ambassadorial office,” National Post.

31 July – “Government insists Cannon has taken on Arctic diplomat’s role,” Vancouver Sun.

30 July – Randy Boswell, “Conservatives pushed to reinstate Arctic ambassador,” National Post.

11 July – “Seeking arctic shipwrecks from Franklin expedition,” Waterloo Region Record.

10 July – Bob Weber, “Private group to search for Franklin after Parks Canada bows out,” Canadian Press.

13 May – Michelle Collins, “Defence, Diplomacy Guiding Arctic Policy,” Embassy.

31 March – Paul Koring, “The race to own the top of the world,” Globe and Mail.

11 March – Steve Mertl, “Foreign minister urges international co-operation in changing Arctic,” Oilweek magazine.

11 March – “Foreign minister urges international co-operation in changing Arctic,” Canadian Press.

18 January – “High stakes for Arctic sovereignty,” Winnipeg Free Press.


25 December – “Canada losing grip on Arctic agenda, experts say,” Canadian Press.

24 December – “While Canada focuses on military in North, EU could `steal’ Arctic agenda: Experts,” Canadian Press.

12 December – “When it comes to the North, Canada lacks a sense of direction,” Globe and Mail.

1 November – “Canada gets ‘F’ grade for its Far North policies,” Waterloo Region Record.

2 September – “DND plan to expand Arctic Rangers risky, expert says,” CBC News.

24 August – Andrew Mayeda, “Arctic Guardians: In the North, Inuit Rangers are on Patrol for Canada’s Sovereignty,” National Post.

18 August – Andrew Mayeda and Randy Boswell, “Arctic policy drifting, experts fear,” National Post.

16 August – “Northern Destiny; Arctic debate taps into nationalism, but some question Canada’s strategy,” Vancouver Sun.

16 August – Andrew Mayeda and Randy Boswell, “Pushing our boundary; Mapping expedition aims to bolster Canada’s stake in Arctic,” National Post.

15 August – Randy Boswell and Andrew Mayeda, “Canada’s front line for Arctic sovereignty is a lone research vessel in Beaufort Sea,” Ottawa Citizen.

4 August – “Editorial: Alarmism and reactiveness work,” Globe and Mail.

22 July – Paul Koring, “The race to own the top of the world,” Globe and Mail.

16 June – Richard Vanderford, “Who owns the north?,” sharp magazine.

14 April – Katherine O’Neill, “Arctic ice shelf now split in three, mission finds,” Globe and Mail.

Radio and Television (sample only to 2013)


20 July – Prime Minister Harper’s Northern Visit on Radio-Canada International: The Link.

31 July – Canada’s Northern Strategy with Loren McGinnis, The Trailbreaker (CBC Yellowknife).

26 April – “Eye on the Arctic – What Canada’s Arctic Council Chairmanship means for the North,” Radio Canada International.

20 February – “Should Canada Push Arctic Development?” OpenCanada.


October – numerous interviews on Northern radio shows on the 65th anniversary of the Canadian Rangers.

18 April – Canadian opportunities in the Arctic with Murray Langdon, CFAX 1070 (Victoria). 30 mins.

12 April – “Meeting of Arctic Nations,” Power Play With Don Martin.


5 January – Interview on an International Search and Rescue Treaty for the Arctic, The Trailbreaker with Joslyn Oosenbrug, CBC North radio one, Yellowknife. 8 minutes.

[rest of 2011 unrecorded]


16 September – “Arctic Control” [Canada-Russia relations in the Arctic] on CTV Power Play With Tom Clark

26 August – Interview on Canada’s Arctic foreign policy statement, The Trailbreaker with Joslyn Oosenbrug, CBC North radio one, Yellowknife. 8 minutes.

25 August – “Canada intercepts Russian aircrafts,” Canoe Live (Sun TV). 8 minutes.

25 June – Interview on Beaufort dispute on CBC radio North (Yellowknife), The Trailbreaker. 7 mins.

29 April – “UW Prof in Arctic,” The Record [Waterloo Region]. [Video by Bob Weber, Canadian Press.]


6 November – InFocus with Cheryl Mackenzie, APTN (on Aboriginal veterans).

26 July – Canada unveils Arctic strategy, interview with Christine Birak, CBC Newsworld, 26 July 2009.

27 July – Newsline PM with Murray Langdon, C-FAX 1070, Victoria, BC.


30 December – Bill Good Show, CKNW NewsTalk 980, Vancouver, BC.

29 September – The Agenda with Steve Paikin, “Who Owns the Arctic?” TVO.

21 July – Newsline PM with Murray Langdon, C-FAX 1070, Victoria, BC.