I am eager to supervise graduate students in a wide range of subject areas in Canadian Studies and Canadian history.

Given that the focus of my Canada Research Chair is on the study of the Canadian North, I have dedicated resources to support students pursuing topics related to Canadian Northern histories, Indigenous-Settler/Newcomer/Qallunaat and Indigenous-Crown relations in the North, contemporary Arctic safety and security issues, and Canadian Northern strategies.

I have broad research and teaching interests, and I will welcome the opportunity to supervise or co-supervise students interested in twentieth century Canadian political and/or military-diplomatic history; war and society/ civil-military relations in Canada; Canadian environmental histories; Canadian historical biography; and Indigenous peoples and the world wars / military service.

Ph.D. Dissertation Supervision (Completed)

Timothy Clarke, “Threads of Memory: A Culture of Commemoration in Kenya Colony, 1918-1930,” University of Waterloo, December 2020.

Geoff Keelan, “Bourassa’s War: Henri Bourassa and the First World War,” January 2015.

Mark Sweeney, “The Canadian War Crimes Liaison Detachment – Far East and the Prosecution of Japanese ‘Minor’ War Crimes” (Ph.D., History, University of Waterloo), dissertation out to committee, defence anticipated in October 2013.

Ph.D. Dissertation Supervision (Current)

Alicia Carefoote, Penitentiary System in the Canadian Arctic. (2022-present).

Nicole Covey, Arctic Security. (2020-present).

Sam Hossack, Government Administration in the Eastern Arctic, 1950-1965 (2017-present).

Kristin Jones, Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (2021-present).

M.A. Thesis Supervision (Completed)

Alicia Carefoote, “How Did We Get Here? Exploring Socio-Political Influences in Canadian Penitentiaries, 1800-1955” (M.A., Trent University, 2022).

Corah Hodgson, “A Window into October: Examining the Framing of the October Crisis of 1970 in Canada’s English-Language Newspapers” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2019).

Sheau Vong, The Socio-Cultural Impacts of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2014).

Thirstan Falconer, “Governing the ‘Government Party’: Liberal Party of Canada Leadership Conventions of 1948, 1958 and 1968” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2012).

Philip Isard, “Northern Vision: Northern Development during the Diefenbaker Era” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2010).

Peter Kikkert, “Pragmatism and Cooperation: Canadian-American Defence Activities in the Arctic, 1945-1951” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2009). (SSHRC supported)

Michael Paiva, “Surmounting Trade Barriers: American Protectionism and the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2009). (SSHRC supported)

Daniel Heidt, “From Bayonets to Stilettos to UN Resolutions: The Development of Howard Green’s Views Regarding War” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2008).

Gordon Matthew Donald Capel, “‘Damned If They Do And Damned If They Don’t’:  The Inferiority Complex, Nationalism, and Maclean’s Music Coverage, 1967-1995” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2007).

M.A. Thesis Supervision (Current)

Cheryl Mitchell (MA – supervisor)

M.A. Major Research Paper Supervision (Completed)

Kristin Jones, “The Evolution of an Issue: Missing and Murdered and Indigenous Women” (M.A., Trent University, 2021).

Mihai Giboi, “Major but Modest: A Documentary Analysis of the Ranger Enhancement Project, 1995-1999” (M.A., Wilfrid Laurier University, 2021 – co-supervisor).

Michael Lalonde, “A Military Solution to a Domestic Political Crisis: Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Operations and Training During the 1970s” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2016).

Lieutenant-Colonel Kevin Branch, “How Can the US Effectively Execute a Strategy that Allows the Utilization of its Current Power and Influence to Further Pursue its Interest in the Arctic?” (M.D.S., Canadian Forces College, 2017).

Lieutenant-Colonel A.L. Goodman, “Delivering Excellence at Home: The Case for Permanent Basing of Canadian Armed Forces in Canada’s North” (M.D.S., Canadian Forces College, 2016).

Lieutenant-Colonel Tim Byers, “The Canadian Rangers – The Right Fit for Canada” (M.D.S., Canadian Forces College, 2016).

Gwyneth Macneil, Canada-Russia Scientific Collaboration in the Cold War Arctic, 1964-1990 (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2014).

Bryce Ring, “Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line Logistics, 1955-1957” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2013).

Geoff Keelan, “The Search for a Hero: Talbot Mercer Papineau and the Great War” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2010). (SSHRC supported)

Major François Bradley, “Canadian Arctic Concerns: Sovereignty or Security?” (Master of Defence Studies, Canadian Forces College, 2009).

Lieutenant-Colonel D.R. Lauckner, “Cold, Cold Ground: Required Infrastructure Development in the Arctic in the Face of Climate Change” (M.D.S., Canadian Forces College, 2009).

Lieutenant-Commander Craig Wicks, “Canadian Sovereignty: A Pragmatic Look at an Arctic Nemesis and How Surveillance Can Finally Vanquish This Beast” (M.D.S., Canadian Forces College, 2009).

David Kielstra, “NATO’s Thorn, Canada’s Opportunity: Canadian Cold War Diplomacy and Peacekeeping in Cyprus, 1964-1974” (M.A., University of Waterloo, 2007)

Captain(Navy) Jamie Cotter, “Developing a Coherent Plan to Deal with Canada’s Conundrum in the Northwest Passage” (M.D.S., Canadian Forces College, 2008).

Major Paul Dittman, “In Defence of Defence: Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and Security” (M.D.S., Canadian Forces College, 2008).

Commander Patrick St-Denis, “Arctic Sovereignty and the Implications for the Canadian Forces from a Security Perspective” (M.D.S., Canadian Forces College, 2006).

Dissertation Committees (Completed)

Joanne Benham Rennick, “Religion in the Ranks: Religion in the Canadian Forces in the 21st Century” (Ph.D., Religious Studies, University of Waterloo), 2008. Internal/External Examiner.
Lianne Leddy, “Cold War Colonialism: The Serpent River First Nation and Uranium Mining, 1953-1988” (Ph.D., History, University of Waterloo, 2011)
Katharine McGowan, “‘We are wards of the Crown and cannot be regarded as full citizens of Canada’: Native Peoples, the Indian Act and Canada’s War Effort” (Ph.D., History, University of Waterloo, 2011)
Nicholas Shrubsole, “Religion, Land and Democracy in Canadian Indigenous-State Relations” (Ph.D., Religious Studies, University of Waterloo, 2013).

External Examiner:

Benjamin Johnson, “Sovereignty Through Security: Canada’s Arctic Defence in the Surveillance Age,” Ph.D. dissertation, Political Science, York University, December 2022.

Magali Vullièrme, « Les Rangers et les Rangers Juniors canadiens : vecteur de sécurité humaine des Inuit canadiens. » Ph.D. dissertation,  Political Science, Univesité de Versailles St-Quentin, Guyancourt, France, May 2018.

Sébastien Girard Lindsay, “L’intégration Des Autochtones Dans L’armée Canadienne – Entre Émancipation et Assujetissement : Une Étude des Représentations Sociales qu’ont Les Militaires des Autochtones dans L’armée Canadienne.” M.A. thesis, Public Administration, École Nationale d’Administration Publique, Gatineau, QC, December 2017.

John Woitkowitz, “Strategic Frontiers:  A Cultural History of U.S. Canadian Foreign and Defense Relations in the Arctic, 1940-1957.” Ph.D. dissertation, History, University of Calgary, November 2017.

Nick Dunning, “Sovereignty and Human Security at Canadian Forces Station Alert,” M.A. thesis, Royal Roads University, Human Security and Peacebuilding, September 2016.

Andrew Chater, “Explaining the Evolution of the Arctic Council,” Ph.D. dissertation, Political Science, Western University, August 2015.

John Moses, “The Return of the Native (Veteran),” M.A. thesis, Carleton University, History, April 2008.