Mackenzie King: Citizenship and Community


William Lyon Mackenzie King was born in Berlin, Ontario, now known as Kitchener. The town was unusual in Victorian Ontario in being largely German in origin and mixed in religion. In this book some of Canada’s leading experts on King and his times describe aspects of King’s youth in Berlin, his fascination with posterity, his early interest in sociology, and the impact of his unusual community on his later political attitudes. Among the topics explored are King’s concern to preserve Canadian sovereignty in the north during the Second World War; his handling of relations with the United States over the war in the Pacific; his attitudes, typical for their time, toward Asians; his approach to social welfare programs; and his difficulties with western Canada. Mackenzie King has been regarded as perhaps the most successful of Canadian prime ministers; these essays both evaluate that success and bring new insight to bear on this remarkable leader.

John English, Kenneth McLaughlin, and P. Whitney Lackenbauer (eds.), Mackenzie King: Citizenship and Community, Essays Marking the 125th Anniversary of the Birth of William Lyon Mackenzie King (Toronto: Robin Brass Studio, 2002), xii, 256 pp.



One of the closest and truest friends I have ever had, Ian E. Wilson

The missing link: Mackenzie King and Canada’s “German capital”, Ulrich Frisse

On the hill over yonder …, Rych Mills

Mackenzie King and Waterloo County, Geoffrey Hayes

King and chaos: the Liberals and the 1935 Regina Riot, Bill Waiser

Considering both sides of the ledger: J.W. Dafoe and Mackenzie King, Robert Wardhaugh

Mackenzie King and Japanese Canadians, Stephanie Bangarth

No need to send an army across the pacific: Mackenzie King and the Pacific Conflict, 1939-45 / Galen Roger Perras

Right and Honourable: Mackenzie King, Canadian-American Bilateral Relations, and Canadian Sovereignty in the Northwest, 1943-1948, P. Whitney Lackenbauer

Unequal citizenship: the residualist legacy in the Canadian welfare state, James Struthers

Sociology for a new century, Kenneth Westhues

Further Reading, P. Whitney Lackenbauer