(Re)Conceptualizing Arctic Security

Selected Articles from the Journal of Military and Security Studies

This book showcases selected articles on Arctic security published in the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies (JMSS) over the last decade. By situating Canadian discussions in broader circumpolar and global contexts, the chapters in this volume provide insights into how climate change, changes in governance systems, increased shipping (and the prospect of much more), energy and mineral development, Arctic states’ expanding military presence, and growing non-Arctic state interests are interacting to create a complex, evolving Arctic security environment. Introductions to each section contextualize ongoing academic and policy debates about defence, security, and state sovereignty in the Arctic, as well as offering suggestions for further reading.


About the Editors

Whitney Lackenbauer is 2017-18 Killam Visiting Scholar at the University of Calgary

Ryan Dean is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the University of Calgary

Rob Huebert is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Calgary

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1: David Rudd, “Northern Europe’s Arctic Defence Agenda”

1.2: Frédéric Lasserre, Jérôme Le Roy, Richard Garon, “Is There an Arms Race in the Arctic?”

1.3: Paal Sigurd Hilde, “The “New” Arctic: the Military Dimension”

2. Canadian Security Approaches

Introduction by Ryan Dean

2.1: P. Whitney Lackenbauer, “The Military as Nation Builder: The Case of the Canadian North”

2.2: Paul Dittmann, “In Defence of Defence: Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and Security”

2.3: P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Adam Lajeunesse, “The Canadian Armed Forces in the Arctic: Building Appropriate Capabilities”

3. The Northwest Passage

Introduction by P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Suzanne Lalonde

3.1: Eric Wang, “The Role of Canadian Armed Forces in Defending Sovereignty”

3.2: Andrea Charron, “The Northwest Passage Shipping Channel: Sovereignty First and Foremost and Sovereignty to the side”

3.3: James Cotter, “Developing a Coherent Plan to Deal with Canada’s Conundrum in the Northwest Passage”

4. Resource Security

Introduction by Adam Lajeunesse

4.1: Peter F. Johnston, “Arctic Energy Resources and Global Energy Security”

4.2: Bent Ole Gram Mortensen, “The Quest for Resources –the Case of Greenland”

4.3: Nils Wang, “Arctic Security -An Equation with Multiple Unknowns”

5. Non-Arctic States

Introduction by P. Whitney Lackenbauer

5.1: Andreas Østhagen, “The European Union – An Arctic Actor?”

5.2: David Curtis Wright, “China’s Growing Interest in the Arctic”

5.3: Timothy Curtis Wright, “China’s New Arctic Strategem: A Strategic Buyer’s Approach to the Arctic”